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The best books you never read

I am both a reader and a writer. I find that the best writers are in fact avid readers. I love books of all kinds but I really adore reading new authors who are just getting their feet wet. Some of the very best writers are now found in the indie set. These reviews will be of books I have devoured in my never ending quest for good fiction. Some will be up and comers who have hit the top of the chart, but most will be struggling new writers who deserve a second look.

Remembering to do the review..or wait..I just read sixteen books...whoops

Okay I admit I got caught up in reading a certain author and just kept going. I didn't stop with each book and do a review. I didn't put the ereader down and work on my own work in progress. Heck I didn't stay up to date on my tv show watching. I just read and read and read and then went...hey wait I don't have the next one damn it all!


So yes, a crazy writer lady can get so caught up in another author's work so that she forgets what she should be doing.  Bad writer lady. But That is what I did.


Over the next few days I will go back, add in all those titles, review them and what the hey, maybe do some other reviews on works of fiction that I have read this year but just never did the reviews for! Yes I am giving myself a lot of work but you know what? Why not?


Now some of the books will be from well known authors, some will be older books that people really should have read at some point in their reading life and some of course will be fine works of fiction by indie authors (like me) that I think are awesome. Reading is one of the simplest of joys in life. More people need to read and they need to comment on those books they do read.


Which brings my mind up to something that has bothered me lately. People going onto book seller sites and doing book reviews on books they never finished! Okay okay I know as a writer I should not comment on reviews but really this bugs me. If you want to complain about a book that you just could not get through, and yes there have been a few I just gave up on reading, then complain about it in your blog, on sites like this or even heaven forbid on GoodReads but don't, please don't, go to the ebook retail sites and put up a review stating "Well I only read 20%, 30%, 50% of the book and it is crap. 


I can understand you want to tell the world you think the book is crap but guess what..that is just a half formed or less opinion. You did not read the full product so putting your review up for people to decide to buy the book is unjustified. I never put up on an retail site a review for something I did not finish. I will and have put up reviews for books I had to drag myself through and I have rated as low as two stars. I have concisely and clearly told why I thought the book deserved that rating.  I did not attack the book/author because it was not my cup of tea.


Yes I know many people are out there thinking that as a reviewer they must review for their followers but my comment to that is really? Is reviewing that much of an ego trip for some people? Reviews should be helpful, not derogatory and they should be for the product/book, not for your reviewer ranking.  I have a decent reviewer ranking over on Amazon but I don't review for the ranking.  I review to make a statement about the product I have read.


Okay enough ranting. I promise I will keep the rants to a minimum on this site. 

How about I put up a pretty picture to make up for the rant?