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The best books you never read

I am both a reader and a writer. I find that the best writers are in fact avid readers. I love books of all kinds but I really adore reading new authors who are just getting their feet wet. Some of the very best writers are now found in the indie set. These reviews will be of books I have devoured in my never ending quest for good fiction. Some will be up and comers who have hit the top of the chart, but most will be struggling new writers who deserve a second look.

Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Retribution - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Another great book in the Dark Hunter series.


William "Sundown" Bradey was a gunslinger when he was alive. With a serious reputation as a bad man he finally decided to give up his criminal ways and go straight. But well this is a Dark Hunter Novel. This just didn't work out for the poor guy. A hundred years later he is brought in to find out who has been killing his dark hunter companions.


Abigail was orphaned very young and the people who took her in are Apolittes, or so she thinks. In fact they are Damions, the soul sucking creatures that Sundown and his Dark Hunter friends hunt down to protect the human race.


From this very promising basis the story moves into native American myths and legends and some really dark gods.


This book is opening up more interesting information on the future of the Dark Hunter universe. I definitely will keep reading!