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The best books you never read

I am both a reader and a writer. I find that the best writers are in fact avid readers. I love books of all kinds but I really adore reading new authors who are just getting their feet wet. Some of the very best writers are now found in the indie set. These reviews will be of books I have devoured in my never ending quest for good fiction. Some will be up and comers who have hit the top of the chart, but most will be struggling new writers who deserve a second look.

Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Time Untime - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Oh boy has ms Kenyon done it again. She has dug deep into different cultures to give us rich characters and move the story of her universe forward.


Kateri is a young woman who grew up with her grandmother telling her the legends of her people. She has grown up with dreams that she did not understand. In her quest for understanding she heads out to Las Vegas and the tale gets very very interesting.


While many of the readers of this series seem to enjoy the tales set in New Orleans and dealing just with the Greek/Roman characters, I find I enjoy more the tales from other cultures.


Ren is an ancient native warrior who was introduced in Retribution. A crow shifter who we learn about much more in this novel. As he is not a were-hunter, his shifting is totally different from that of those shown before.


Together Kateri and Ren must reset the calender of the universe. The story is filled with myths and legends and strong characters. I enjoyed this greatly and hope we get more characters from other cultures.