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The best books you never read

I am both a reader and a writer. I find that the best writers are in fact avid readers. I love books of all kinds but I really adore reading new authors who are just getting their feet wet. Some of the very best writers are now found in the indie set. These reviews will be of books I have devoured in my never ending quest for good fiction. Some will be up and comers who have hit the top of the chart, but most will be struggling new writers who deserve a second look.

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern - Lilian Jackson Braun

This is the second book in this long running series. Originally published way back in 1967 this fun little mystery, while a bit dated, is still a great read.


Qwill is at this point working for the Daily Fluxion, a small newspaper in Chicago. He used to be a well known crime reporter but after a bout with the bottle and a divorce he is at loose ends. He has to find a new place to live and has been given the job of editor for the new Interior Design magazine at the paper, Gracious Abodes. A major let down for him but he does his best to take it in stride.


Problems happen when the first house they featured has a break in and $750K of jade is 'stolen', When the second house they feature is raided as a whore house and the third he was getting ready to feature has the owner murdered, Qwill is beginning to think he has been cursed!


With all kinds of detail in this book, Ms Braun once more shows her attention to research. It took me a moment to realize that this was set in the late sixties but it once it did the story came more to life.


A fun afternoon read when you need to curl up and ignore the rain.