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The best books you never read

I am both a reader and a writer. I find that the best writers are in fact avid readers. I love books of all kinds but I really adore reading new authors who are just getting their feet wet. Some of the very best writers are now found in the indie set. These reviews will be of books I have devoured in my never ending quest for good fiction. Some will be up and comers who have hit the top of the chart, but most will be struggling new writers who deserve a second look.

Bitten by Cupid by Lynsay Sands, Pamela Palmer and Jamie Rush

Bitten By Cupid by Sands, Lynsay, Rush, Jaime, Palmer, Pamela (2010) Mass Market Paperback - Lynsay,  Rush,  Jaime,  Palmer,  Pamela Sands

This three story anthology is a nice little bite into the worlds these authors are known for. More novellas than short stories, these tales all have a type of love story at their base.


If you love paranormal romance and haven't read any of these three authors then pick it up. Well worth the price to introduce you to three talented writers.


My favorite in this book was the Kiss and Kill Me, Cupid story. It was a fun and different and better yet complete. The other two tales are not quite complete in my opinion. A page more of each would have made them amazing.


Over all these tales have me more interested into the worlds I have not read. While I know Lynsay Sands work but I had never read either Palmer or Rush.